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Hearts of Courage

6 week advanced techniques in visualization

6 week advanced techniques in visualization

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Unlock the power of visualization in your equestrian journey with our "Advanced Techniques in Visualization" course. Dive deep into the world of mental preparation and harness the potential of your mind for riding success. You'll learn advanced visualization techniques that will enhance your focus, confidence, and overall performance in the saddle. Join us for a transformative coaching experience that empowers you to become the rider you've always aspired to be, with your horse as your willing partner.

You will receive:

  • Weekly online live sessions (1 hour via Zoom or Teams)
  • Receive a workbook upon purchase!
  • All materials available to clients (PowerPoints, notes)
  • If you miss any sessions we will do catch up sessions until all sessions are completed
  • Weekly inspirational message from coach
  • Daily support whenever needed


  • Module 1: Introduction to Visualization techniques for equestrians
  • Module 2: Creating vivid mental imagery for performance enhancement 
  • Module 3: Harnessing the power of positive visualization
  • Module 4: Overcoming mental barriers through mental rehearsal
  • Module 5: Visualization for improved decision-making in riding
  • Module 6: Integrating visualization into your daily equestrian routine 
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