Equestrian fitness

Experience a lifestyle evolution with our program, transcending traditional fitness. Personalized goal-setting, dedicated check-ins, and insightful chats ensure you're never alone on your journey. Join us for an immersive experience crafting a healthier, empowered version of yourself. Redefine the way you ride, move, and thrive.

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Equine mind empowerment

Experience a special bond with your horse through our weekly online live sessions and diverse course offerings. Cultivate a harmonious partnership rooted in mental mastery and profound horsemanship. Embark on a transformative journey towards equine enlightenment with us.

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Equestrian apparel

Discover our unique equestrian apparel, crafted for riders who value connection, care, and creativity. Embrace the bond between horse and rider as you express your individuality with our stylish pieces. Ride with kindness and style, embodying the essence of equine companionship.

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Freestyle music

We create personalized dressage freestyle music tailored to your horse's movement, your choreography, and your artistic vision. From powerful classical arrangements to uplifting modern scores, we'll design a soundtrack that captures the essence of your partnership and leaves the judges breathless. Let your horse shine with music as unique as you are.

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Expand your equestrian knowledge and elevate your riding skills with our comprehensive collection of ebooks! Whether you're a beginner seeking foundational groundwork or a seasoned competitor looking to refine your technique, our ebooks cater to all disciplines and experience levels. Delve into practical training guides, explore inspirational stories of horsemanship, and unlock a world of equestrian expertise – all at your fingertips.

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  • Fitness and Mind Empowerment

    I have been doing Hearts of Courage’s equestrian fitness program as well as equine mind empowerment coaching. The rider fitness program has assisted me in my jumping position, which have improved immensely. And the mind empowerment coaching has been amazing since it has helped me improve my confidence so much. Also, it has been so amazing having Carami by your side and assisting you and always there to chat if you need something.

    Caitlin Goss

  • Fitness and Mind Empowerment

    When I began with Hearts of Courage I was really unfit in my riding and I could barely ride 2 horses without being really really tired. When I started the program, I lost about 5 kilograms and I became happier in all aspects as well. I became fit and I could ride easy 4 horses every single day, without being tired. Recently I also started the mind empowerment course. I’ve become so confident, I’ve pushed away my fears. Carami has been such a sweet soul being there for me through the whole process.

    Abigail Coetzee

  • Equine mind empowerment coaching

    Carami is just as invested in your journey as you are, if not more so. Highly recommended if you are in a bit of a lull and just need that push to get back on track and achieve the goals you've set out to.

    Abi Thrush